Why we prefer to edit all photos vs CD of Images?

Photography Charlotte NCAnything sold in bulk, doesn’t have the same care and quality and something hand made and sold individually. This is how I equate the request for a CD of all images for a session. With the digital age, this has become expected, so much so that last year we caved in and started allowing the option to purchase all images from a photography session.  Here’s the reason for the preference of not releasing all images from a session.   We don’t have time to edit them, which in turn can affect our clients perception of our quality of work.  Ordinarily when a client purchases a photograph, we then open the image in lightroom.  This is photo editing software that allows us to make 75% of the edits necessary to refine an image. Next step, going to Photoshop, this is where we do all the nitty gritty detail work and that list of stuff is far too long and list and varies greatly per image and per client.  This process, can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes per image.  In a typical session, we take 75 + photographs per hour.  This would mean in a hour hour shoot at an average of even 10 minutes of editing per photograph, we’re spending 750 minutes or 12.5 hours editing images! That’s just not a practical work flow and our average session would need to cost about $950 for a session and you would only have digital images, no products.