Why Environmental Head Shot Photographs Are So Popular In Charlotte


Head shot photographs are so important because it gives people who haven’t met you a chance to quickly identify with who you are. Until recently, the traditional head shot was a photograph taken inside a studio against a backdrop. These shots can look great, it’s also more of a 50/50 shot that you’ll be able to draw a genuine smile from the subject. What’s the first thing people do when work gets a little tough or is dragging, they want to get up and walk around and if at all possible step outside for a moment to get some fresh air. It’s just something about being outdoors that make people come to life.  This is why environmental head shot photographs have become so popular. Often times they can look better because clients simply feel better and more lively being outside.

So what do you do in the winter time? Remember earlier I mentioned that during a tough day at work that you may want to walk around the office.  You can also have your head shot taken inside of your office, especially if there is natural light available and it doesn’t have to be floor to ceiling windows. We specialize in character driven photographer here in Charlotte and our job is to help you figure out how to go about getting you the desired end result out of your photographs. Contact us today with any questions.