What makes us different?

I love working at our studio and the people that work here.  Everyone is very passionate about what they do for the business. Just in the past week, I’ve witnessed a photographer working at the studio till 2am to get a customer photographs the next day when they didn’t have to and was encouraged by other staff to take a break, we still had time. However, he stayed because he knew just how much it would help the client if he finished the photographs that night.  Very awesome right!  Our business manager recently took his laptop home for the weekend and did more planning for upcoming events that our studio has and also refined our processes. For those of you who don’t know, we have a very extensive piece of software that we use to manage our studio. It produces questionnaires based on your type of photography session, it handles billing, it even automatically kicks out tasks to resources in the office for what they need to do next, it’s great, but also very time consuming to setup.  So this is what our business manager decided to spend his weekend tweaking so that we can serve that much better and also operate efficiently.  Then just last night, I myself stayed in till 2am research various head shot photography techniques and as a result of my findings, yet again ordered some new equipment so that we can produce better quality photographs.   Everyone here is encouraged to spend time with their family and not overwork themselves and I’m not going to let everyone continue to work late hours.  However, it’s very awesome to see the passion to achieve.   It shows in our work and service and if you’ve yet to work with us, we can’t wait to show you the CharlotteVibe Photography experience.