We’ve reinvested in ourselves again!


These are some very very exciting times at CharlotteVibe Photography.  In the past couple of weeks we have been featured on the national web site of LivingSocial.com and offers.cbslocal.com.  We’re also in talks with several others, all very exciting.  With the increased exposure we have decided to continue to stress quality, NOT QUANTITY.  So we’ve upgraded our printing services from a bare-bones HTML site to a new interactive multimedia site to make view and printing pictures much easier.  Additionally, our new professional color lab combines the latest technology and a team of color experts who have decades of printing experience to deliver superior results. Their systems optimize every aspect of the production process to deliver products quickly. And guess what, they’ve also invested over $10 million in the best silver halide and press printers available. Finally, they exclusively use Kodak Professional photographic paper. Producing great prints quickly and beautifully is our passion.

In a nutshell, QUALITY!  We can now have your photographs printed on our 400 products.  Contact us today with any questions.