We’re still moving…..

I guess no matter if its your personal home or your office, it’s always exciting at first when you go shopping for the new place, but after you find it, the work begins and seemingly never stops.  We still haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, but both parties have agreed to the terms and we have to go through a short waiting period before things are finalized.  Last time we did our update, I was not yet ready to talk about the details because we had a long route to go. I’m still not ready to talk about details until the waiting period is over, but I am willing to reveal that it is a prime uptown location.

On another note, we’re very excited about our upcoming promotion with Amazon that will offer extraordinary savings on wedding photography coverage.  Though we certainly can’t let the cat out of the bag about this we, we encourage you to sign up for the email list if you already haven’t because you will only be able to get the deal from them.

I hope everyone is enjoying this great spring weather.