Wedding Photographers and Studio Video, Charlotte NC

Things have been very busy at our studio lately. We’re preparing for a big big sale coming up which I can’t discuss yet, but when it goes live, everyone will know about it.  In preparation, we’ve created a few new videos that will be up very soon.  So guess who had the fortunes of being in front of the camera today, yes your’s truly.  And we had many cameras rolling at the same time.  It was a lot of fun. The first video we did was to introduce our new wedding photographer from Charlotte, NC that has joined our team.  Though we can’t show any of his previous wedding work online, we were able to capture a glimpse of his WONDERFUL wedding photography that he’s done in and around Charlotte, NC in the video.

Our second video was to show off our new studio as we plan to be a leader in photography studio rental in Charlotte NC.  The good part about the second video, I was able to be the creative director and didn’t have to be in it. 🙂 You can count on another blog update once the videos are posted.  Overall, the busy day was fun. As always, thanks for reading our blog and visiting our web site.

Chris Jenkins