The Joys of Shooting Professional Sports

I love photography because it gets you in places you wouldn’t ordinarily be, and it’s up close and personal.  It’s really cool in my opinion to be able to see so many different aspects of life, not just your own. Recently I traveled to Baltimore Maryland to photograph the Carolina Panthers vs Baltimore Ravens. Now I must confess, this turned out to be the most difficult NFL Stadium I’ve ever traveled to. Long story short, and trust me, it’s extremely long. I didn’t make it to the field until halftime. Never in my career have I even missed a kickoff, NEVER.  However, once on the field, my mood quickly changed. To be up close and personal watching America’s favorite sport never gets old. You can certainly smell the grass and hear a lot of things only the players can here.  Shooting pro football is one of the most challenging sports. It’s very fast and you have 22 guys that are often in close proximity. Finding the ball and knowing a team’s tendencies comes in very handy to get great shots. This game also featured a moment I’ve never seen or thought I would see.  The game stopped and the arena played Michael Phelps record setting race on the screen. Check out out the video below.