Thank You Charlotte, NC

charlotte-nc-photographer-2016Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream and it’s certainly not the easiest career path. Always being the appreciative person, today I stopped for a moment and soaked in the accomplishments. Clearly remembering the excitement and nervousness of opening up our uptown Charlotte Photography studio.  Just like when you buy your first home, you add to it over time.  I clearly remember when this wall was bare as can be, then we added one, two and so on. Now it’s full of photographs we’ve taken throughout the Charlotte, NC area as well as abroad. We’ve upgraded from very simple chairs to nice lounging furniture.  Our conference room has come a long way as well. Thankfully, many clients don’t remember the folding table that we once started with, LOL. Now we have a very nice white table and a very large TV to do our client photograph reviews. We’ve also doubled up on the pictures in the conference room as well. As you can see, our favorite way to display a photograph is on a canvas. We’re not really big fans of small prints, they don’t allow you to display the picture as art. Having something that you can hang on a wall allows you to enjoy your investment over and over again.  None of this would be possible without the support of all of our clients here in Charlotte, NC. So just a quick note to say thank you and we look forward to seeing you again.