So What Kind of Photographer Are you?

Photographers Charlotte NCThe weather is starting to break in Charlotte and as a photographer, I love it. There’s so many places to explore in this great city.  As the weather breaks, we have the opportunity to photograph a great variety of things which is what convinced me to write this blog post.  We’ve recently had a boast in our search engine rankings and frequently are asked what type of photography we do.  We get it, you want to make sure you’re talking to someone that can do the job. Our answer, we shoot people, LOL. I love that phrase.  We really do shoot everything, models, to business men and women, weddings, babies, products, pets and the list goes on and on.

A photographer that can do it all, but master none? It’s a legitimate question, but we think we’ve done a pretty darn  good job of mastering the art of getting the shot.  I also have to give YouTube an acknowledgement here because if you have the right tools, and believe me, we’ve invested heavily in our tools, then if you are willing to put in the hours, you can learn quite a bit about photography of all kinds. Just this past Saturday, our sessions included a photography shoot for a pageant in our Charlotte studio. Next up was hitting the streets of Charlotte for a shoot for a book cover, and then one last time in uptown Charlotte to Photograph an engagement session.

So if you have a need, be sure to ask us. Our portfolio just lists our sample work but doesn’t indicate our limitation or our vast abilities.