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Headshot Photographer Charlotte NC

Headshot Photographer Charlotte NC

A professional head shot represents you and in today’s social media world, your professional head shot provides your first impression. Our head shot experience is guaranteed to be fun and painless. We understand that for some, it’s a necessary evil of business so don’t worry, we will be quick and professional.  We know some people are smilers, some people are not, our job is to make YOU look like a professional. We have provided head shots for bankers, lawyers, actors, kids, doctors, college students, TV and radio personalities, entrepreneurs and the list goes on.  Our turnaround time from a head shot is two business days to professionally edit and refine your selected photographs. This includes but is not limited to color corrections, blemish removal and skin softening when appropriate.  Your files are delivered to you in high resolution and include a copyright release.  Professional hair and makeup is optional.  Pricing listed below is subject to change.

Head Shot Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any proofs from your session, you will receive a 100% refund for individual services.

Professional Headshot Pricing NC

Sessions are $150 and include up to 20 minutes of shooting time.  Outdoor sessions are $200.  Your session also includes one professionally edited image good for both print and web use.  You may add professional hair and makeup for $125. Note, when adding this service your session time will become One hour and 30 minutes. Same day appointments are available.

Head Shot Styles

We’re not going to try to name all the different styles but we’ll tackle some of the popular ones.  Acting, Corporate, Kids and Publicity and there are many others.  It really boils down to the style preference that you have. Regardless of your chosen style, our focus are shots that are character driven.

Environmental Head Shot

An environmental head shot maybe also known as an outdoor or on-location head shot. Essentially, it’s any head shot that is taken outside of a photography studio. The number of places is limitless and can include your office, in a lobby, and of course outside.  If you’re interested in an environmental head shot, let us help you decide the location, its not as challenging as you think.  Head shots focus, well on the head and everything is the background is a blur.  As a photographer it’s very easy to find a location, but the key is color and contrast.  Below are a few head shots that we have taken to provide you an idea. Should  you become interested, use our contact us form to check availability today.

Head Shot Editing

Basic retouching is included with each head shot.  This includes color/exposure adjustment, blemish removal such as acne scars or pimples, skin softening, teeth whitening, eye color enhancing, minor stray hair and image cropping.  Advanced editing is available at an additional quoted price and includes but not limited to body correction/weight reduction, removal of braces, changing color of background, eye glass glare, photo merge.

Studio Head Shot

These head shots will occur at our Charlotte Photography studio and you have an option of several background colors, our most popular colors being white, blue and grey. Even in the studio, we have the capability to produce a wide variety of looks by using different photography light setups.  Below are a few head shots that we’ve taken to provide you some ideas. Contact us to check availability.

Every industry has different dress codes so foremost, be sure to wear something for your headshot that is appropriate for your industry.  Otherwise, make sure you have colors that contrast your skin tone and if you will be wearing layers, make sure that your layers have contrast.  The contrasts doesn’t need to be dramatic.  Additionally, avoid heavy patterns.  Follow these guidelines and you’ll look great!

It’s my job as a professional photographer to bring out the best in you and to capture a head shot photograph that looks genuine. If you feel as though you’re not photogenic, I would also assume that photographs you like are the one’s that are candid?  Taking good pictures involves having a little confidence in yourself and then having a great photographer that allows you to feel relaxed and easy and that’s something that I love to do. My clients always leave as friends and I look forward to meeting you.

Charlotte Headshot Photographer

Our professional head shot service includes the removal of blemishes, teeth whitening, color balance and more at no additional charge. Our editing style has an emphasis to keep the photograph looking as natural as possible. We prefer not to make severe changes, simply refining and celebrating who you are at your finiest.

We take several steps to make sure that you do not leave without having taken a headshot photograph that you like.  We do this by allowing you to review the images prior to the end of your session. If despite the 101 tricks that I have to get you a good head shot and you’re not happy. You’ll receive a full refund for your session.

Our standard Charlotte Headshot service turnaround is within 3 business days. We do offer 24 hour and same day rush services for an additional fee. This service must be requested prior to your session date to ensure availability.

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