Price isn’t most important when choosing your Wedding Photographer

After rewriting several drafts in an attempt to sound clever, we decided to do what we do every day in business with our clients.  Keep it simple and straightforward.  We want our potential clients to understand that we are a group very passionate about the art of photography and we thrive on exceeding expectations. Great photographs don’t come by accident, they come with planning and consultation.  We have over 10 years experience in the wedding industry and have invested in software that allows us to manage the details of wedding photography in proven successful manner.

Though we understand that cost is a very important factor in selecting your wedding photographer, we don’t feel that it’s the most important.  Finding a photographer that works well with you and your vendors are extremely important.  Too many times we’ve seen a client like photos and pricing, but they forget to sit down and interview the photographer to get an understanding of what their experience will be like.  The experience must be a fit for the bride and groom just as much as the pricing and creative photographs.  Ever tried smiling for a photo with a photographer that you really didn’t get along with?  Not the best thing for a wedding day.  We encourage all interested clients to stop by our uptown office and meet the photographer and learn about our processes as a first step.  It’s at no obligation. We love to educate so that you can make the right decision for you.

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