Thank you for considering CharlotteVibe Photography for your photography needs.  We are a family owned studio that specializes in capturing character driven photographs. There will not be any 1-2-3 cheese moments with us :-).  Below is a guide for what type of experience you should expect to have with our studio. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What To Expect

The first step is to contact us  to check availability and secure your session date and time.  Please be sure to check your email regularly after booking your session as we communicate our contracts, policies and other important information electronically.  You will also gain access to your person portal to manage your session details.

A questionnaire is sent to you that is very important that you take the time to review.  It provides us important information to customize your session to your needs.  You can use this questionnaire to brainstorm on what to do for your shoot. We also strongly encourage you to look around your home and think of where you would like to display the images and which products you would like to use to show off your wonderful new pictures.  This way, we can guide your through a session that will allow picture to fit exactly into the products you wish to have.

Oh yeah, expect to have a lot of fun!

Review Session

No more than two weeks after your session, you will come to our studio to review your images with a consultant.  We are very focused on educating our clients so that you may pick the absolute best products to display your images in and around your home.  This session also provides us an opportunity to discuss in detail the editing of the photographs that you have selected. Be sure to take some measurements and notes at home, even bring in a picture, so that we can help you get the perfect fit and product.

What To Wear

Clothing selection is extremely important and we are developing a more comprehensive guide. Be sure to cover the basics such as freshly groomed hair, makeup, ironed clothes, lotion and chapstick. We are working to provide more detailed information to guide you to a successful shoot.  We do have a few emergency items at our studio as well as a steamer for those emergencies.

Professional Wardrobe styling as well as Hair & Makeup available at an additional cost upon your request.

CD of Images

The ultimate keepsake of all.  For those moments when you can’t decide and would like all of the images from your session. All of the images from your session is available for $1,200.

Before & After

One of our favorite quotes is that of Ansel Adams, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  The information about gives you a good idea of all the planning that is taken prior to your session to ensure a great photographs.  After your photographs are taken, our studio spends a great amount of time turning your pictures into pieces of art for your home.  First we do a brief edit of the photographs so that you may view them online with our creative edits.  Once you’ve placed your order, we take a more involved review and edit of your photographs based on your individual preferences.   This process involves loading your pictures into our various editing tools and making adjustments and tweaks to colors, contrast, brightness, saturation and more.  A sample end result is below.

Before Processing

After Processing