On Location Model Shoot

So it was time for an on location model shoot with our new image stylist.  We were to photograph in the park and upon arriving, I immediately thought of the need to change the location.  This park had been affected by recent flash floods in Charlotte and wasn’t the cleanest.  Plus our location had been fenced in since my last visit so I really thought this wouldn’t work. However, Cherry suggested a walk thru and convinced everyone that the location would still work.  Trusting her vision, we went along with it and setup (actually we took over the entire area).  Needless, to say, not only was Cherry right, but the pictures were very very creative and colorful.  The client has thanked us several times since.  Also, once again they are torn in selecting photographs they want professionally edited because they like so many.  That makes two clients in a row that Cherry has styled so well that the client wants every picture taken.  Gotta love her.

You can see a photo from this shoot in our Portrait Gallery.