On Location Head Shot Fun | Charlotte, NC

It’s always fun to shoot on location, especially in uptown Charlotte, you never know what adventures will take place. Recently I had a head shot to do and at the time of planning it, didn’t realize that it was St. Patrick’s Day Weekend and that a parade would be taking place.  But I didn’t worry, I know that for a head shot you just need one little space as the focus is on the head of the client, the only headache was parking 🙂  I’m not sure if it was the festive vibe of the parade or the drinks that were served that day but it made for the most attention I’ve ever had while photographing in uptown Charlotte.  I guess a sharp dressed client didn’t hurt either, lol.  She must of received at least a dozen compliments from males, females, families and more. Not to mention that everyone would stop and not walk across our path or would gather and stand and watch.  Of course I reminded people they didn’t have to do that, we’re in a public space.  Once the client was able to get used to the attention, it turned out to be a great shoot.

Charlotte Head Shot Photography Charlotte Head Shot Photography Charlotte Head Shot Photography