My Client Proposed & I Didn’t Know It Was Coming!

I have a 10am appointment to shoot an engagement session. I’m a little concerned because construction has me running behind, I don’t park until 9:58am and I have a few blocks to walk. I get to what I believe is the location and no one is there. I then call the client, no answer.  About 5 minutes later I get a text they are on the way. As it is with each client, I’ve never seen them in person before so I’m no 100% on who they are and the contact name I’ve had is unisex in my opinion.

The couple shows up and I greet them, but strangely, only the woman shakes me hand and the couple continues to walk past me. So I slow start to follow them to ask questions about the shoot and the BAM. He drops to one knee literally 4 feet in front of me to propose.  Now let’s pause a moment and let me tell you very briefly how photographers work.  Your camera settings constantly change depending on where you are and you always need to fire off a few shots at new locations to get your settings correct. So this was one huge, OH CRAP! That went through my mind.  Next, each situation requires a different lens. I had my favorite portrait lens which requires me at least 10 feet away to get a head shot, a lot more to get a full body. Perhaps by now you get what I’m saying, I was TOTALLY not in position for this type of photography. Fortunately, and I seriously mean fortunately for all parties involved. I’ve been doing this so long that I didn’t panic and changed 3 settings that I knew would get me pretty close, started back peddling while shooting at the same time (praying nothing was behind me to fall over) and was able to get a few shots.

Once he got up off one knee and I was able to come closer, everyone laughed how not only was she not knowing and prepared, but obviously I had no clue either and this really explains why the couple continued to walk past me when we initially meet, it would of ruined the surprise. LOL. I love being a photographer, it’s really never boring. Congratulations!!!