More New Equipment

There’s new studio equipment coming to our Charlotte Photography Studio. 

Who doesn’t love getting something new? That’s one great thing about a growing business……getting all the new stuff! So what did we get? New soft boxes and wheels for our lights!!!! So why are we excited. Well, great photography is always a result of great lighting and exposure. Of course, photography is a very subjective thing, however, lighting is always essential whether you like to use a lot of it, or very little of it. Nevertheless, being able to control light is what every professional photographer must master. These new soft boxes will allow for us to offer our clients even more combinations on the look and feel of their portraits. Exciting stuff!!! And the wheels, well, our assistants will probably be the most happy about this because they will no longer have to pick up 10-50 pound stands with equipment hanging all over it. They can simply push it and move to where it needs to be. This will also help us to reduce the amount of time needed to change equipment out. Thus, resulting in more time for our clients to be in front of the camera. Check out the pictures below. Possibly, some of you reading this just may get to check out the new gear soon, we hope so.