Family Portrait Surprises

Due to a recent promotion, we have been photographing quite a few families, especially those with small children. These are often very fun because of the innocence and unpredictability of kids. Well, today we had our first accident, and we learned that they come in twos. While the mom was trying to get her son to smile in his birthday suit, I guess the cold air got the best of the little guy and he released; just narrowly missing the mother. We really think the parents were more embarrassed thinking they ruined our office. But we’re prepared for that type of stuff with babies, the floors are not carpeted for this reason. So we cleaned up and started again, this time while sitting, a nice little puddle started to form. Again, the parents seemed very embarrassed, but for us, it was just another fun day in the studio with a family. So if you’re thinking about a shoot with your baby and will have them in the buff, yes, be prepared for them to possibly pee during the shoot. Don’t be embarrassed, just be prepared.