Charlotte Video Production

CharlotteVibe Photography offers video services such as testimonials, commercials real estate home tours and more.  We use professional Digital HD cameras to capture video in 1080p, the highest quality video available and also use professional lighting and microphones. We have listed a Frequently Asked Question list below for your reference.  Should you have further questions, please use our contact us form.

How much does a video cost?
What if someone asked “How much does a house cost?”  You might wonder what location it is, You may wonder how many bedrooms will be needed.  It varies and most often can be better determined by first establishing a budget.  The best quick estimate we can provide is that a typical video can cost between $200 to $700 per finished minute. We will be happy to speak with you to establish the best budget to reach your goals.

I don’t see a video like the one I want.
The videos online are a sample of what we’ve done, not an indication of what we can or will do. If we accept your request, we’re more than confident we can meet your production needs and we will present a proposal to you which verifies such.

How long does it take to make a video?
Generally a complete video project takes 2 to 3 weeks.  Keep in mind there are several important steps that must take place prior to actual shooting such as outlining the scenes for the shoot and developing a script. The filming itself is by far the shortest part. Editing and production is where most time is spent. Video production that doesn’t involve a script typically takes a week.