Best Wedding Engagement Proposal Photographer In Charlotte Tells All

I’ve been a professional photographer in Charlotte since 2006 and the most often asked question when chatting with clients and people in general about photography is what type of photography do I enjoy the most. Up until now, I would say that I enjoy it all because the challenge and thrill is in capturing the vision of your client and making them happy. Whether that’s a head shot with a client claiming that they do not photograph well, to a corporate event in which the client has provided an extensive shot list. The thrill in each case is meeting the clients request, and I get it, photography is a business in which many people have unfortunately have not received the quality they were expecting from their hired photographer and the reasons for that deserves it very own dedicated long blog, lol. Nevertheless, if you were to lock me in a room and not let me out until I declared a favorite, I would have to go with Wedding Engagement and Proposal Photography.

There are so many reasons why. It’s always fun working with the guy to make this happen. Often he will have many questions and with my experience in doing so many of these, I’m often able to quickly explain that I only need to know his plan and what they look like and that’s it, just do your thing! Trust me, I haven’t missed one yet. So this is where the fun part for me comes in. Foremost, I’m a fan of love and surprises and it’s awesome to be trusted to photograph such a pivotal one shoot to get it right opportunity for them. Secondly, I love figuring out how to blend in to the various situations. I’ve had to tell stranger to not get freaked out but I’m here just pretending to blend in with my camera and tell them why I’m there, they get excited and want to play along and watch. I’ve seen extremely romantic occasions, I’ve seen a guy become concerned because he’s not sure if the lady was excited or mad. I recall one proposal where I had to be inside a huge church that NO ONE ELSE was in the congregation but me. Initially I was going to wait in the back in the church but the place was so big, I wouldn’t get a good shoot once they were upfront. I wanted to pretend the be a janitor but I had two cameras with me. I also must respect the scared places to be while there, nevertheless, I pulled it off as I always manage to do.