Best Outdoor Head Shot Photography Locations in Charlotte

Spring has arrived in Charlotte which means on-location head shot photography season is upon us! So what’s the best place to do a head shot? Is it uptown Charlotte? Is it Freedom Park? What about Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens? The answer is yes, but also a million other places! It seems like the initial thought is that it must be somewhere really pretty and scenic. That’s not so much true, or should I say, that is true, BUT, a nice looking head shot only requires 1 pretty element. Head shots focus on the face and is a very tight shot and the background is blurry, often to where you can’t recognize the background. Do you have a back yard with a pretty tree. Perfect! Do you work by a building that has a pretty brick. What about an office with a cool decor? Yes, all of these work and are perfect locations to have your head shot in Charlotte.

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