Alter Ego Photo Shoot Party

Join CharlotteVibe Photography on Sunday November 20th for an all-day Alter Ego Party.  For only $150, you will receive an Alter Ego Session that includes styling and accessories by Phoebycerise as a hair and makeup stylist on site.  Of course we will have music and snacks around to make it a fun day.

If interested, your next steps are as follows.  Click here to make your payment in full for the event.  Once you have done so, you will then have a consultation with our stylist to fine tune or brainstorm ideas for your session.  It is required that your Alter Ego is solidified prior to your shoot. You will be given a time to report to our studio for your session.  Once at our studio you will have hair/makeup/wardrobe and then your shoot.  After your shoot you will go through the same process again to prepare for your second Ego.  Your shoot will remain private, however, there will be other clients at our studio at the same time as you.

Should you have any questions, you may contact us at 704-644-3853.  You may also click here to view our portfolio.